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Domaine Peyre Roseappellation Languedoc

Vintner: Marlène Soria

biodynamic   organic wine  

Domaine Peyre Rose - Marlène Soria

Le domaine Peyre Rose, l'un des meilleurs domaines du Languedoc.

The Peyre Rose estate is hung on the heights of Saint-Pargoire.

Marlène Soria devotes her energy to sublimate her raw, austere and stony terroir.

Through the vintages, his cuvées reveal seduction, sweetness and delicacy for the Clos des Cistes, the size and generosity for Syrah Léone.

Number 3 is chic and radiant.

Oro, it is mainly a wine based on rolle, under the sign of refinement, in a not so classic style, to be enjoyed when it is put on the market.

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