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Domaine Olivier Pithonappellation Roussillon

Vintner: Olivier Pithon

biodynamic   organic wine

Olivier Pithon is originally from the Loire, where he first came into contact with wine on his grandfather's farm, and where his older brother had already made a name for himself as a winemaker.

After years of apprenticeship in Beaujolais and Bordeaux, he got close to Gérard Gauby and after a visit was so impressed by Calce, a small nest in the Roussillon, that he invested every franc he earned and bought some vines and an old building. Years of hard work followed, which are now rewarded by the success and recognition of first class organic white and red wines.

The annual harvest gives him great pleasure, as this period represents the high point of the wine vintage, and is also a gift from nature. It is nice to see that family and friends from all over the world and of all skin colors come to help with the harvest, and to build a good team year after year. The afternoons are too hot for harvesting, but when the dew of the nights on the vine leaves and grapes has evaporated, the harvesting of the grapes can begin in the morning. Then the grapes are placed in small boxes in the basement, from which exquisite organic wines result.

"I never asked myself the question, no hesitation, unthinkable to work the vines and the land otherwise than with love and respect. Organic farming was for me an obvious choice, a quality requirement, a life choice.

I came to Biodynamics for questions of taste. This method, an extension of organic agriculture, aims to work in harmony with nature, using basic principles similar to homeopathy in dilution and dynamization. It is for me a way to express even better but terroirs and the qualitative potential of my vineyard."
Olivier Pithon

Specifications of the Domaine Olivier Pithon in brief:
Founded in 2001,
vineyard area 15 hectares
wine production 35,000 bottle/year.
Soil: Schist, Marls, Clay-limestone
White vine: macabeo, grey and white grenache
Red vine: syrah, carignan, grenache noir, mourvèdre
Culture: organic and biodynamic.

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