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Domaine Adrien Berlioz, appellation Savoie

Vintner: Adrien Berlioz

biodynamic   organic wine

Domaine Adrien Berlioz

Adrien Berlioz works with great devotion and determination, tending to his 7-hectare domaine, divided into seventeen parcels all of which are situated on the Chignin terroir and planted in deep, predominantly clay-limestone soils. Adrien grows a wide selection of grape varieties including the traditional ones such as Mondeuse, Jacquère, Altesse and Roussanne as well as rarer varietals such as Persan. Parcel vinification and blending ensure that the depth and character of each parcel are fully reflected.

The domaine has been certified as organically grown since 2012 and biodynamic since 2020. All of the parcels are cultivated using the most natural means possible, with no herbicides, chemical fertilisers or other synthetic products in either the vineyards or the cellars. The utmost care and attention is taken to respect the environment, the soils and the vines. The majority of the parcels is situated on steep hillsides with a gradient of 50%. You can only imagine the hard work carried out in the vineyards! The yields are quite low as a result at around 40 hl/ha.

Harvesting is carried out by hand using 50-litre crates. The fruit is then carefully transported to the winery where it is sorted on a sorting table, something of a rarity in the region. The wines are aged in stainless steel vats or in demi-muids (600 l casks) for certain wines.

Adrien produces fresh, elegant and easy-to-drink wines with an exceptional mineral structure.

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