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Domaine Duseigneurappellation Rhône et Châteauneuf-du-Pape 

Vintner: Bernard Duseigneur

biodynamic  organic wine  

Bernard Duseigneur
"Through wine, Nature offers us a sublime and unique opportunity to create and share emotions, to receive and transmit a thousand-year-old and precious know-how, sometimes adding our own little stone."

Having a great terroir is an opportunity but it is not enough to create great wines. To be a winegrower is also to be part of a thousand-year-old tradition; it is to receive and cultivate a know-how and a conscience; it is to be the custodian of a cultural heritage and to be responsible for it to the future generations to whom everything must be transmitted.

Above all, the quality of the wine is worked in the vineyard. Our choices are dictated by the plant during its development and maturation.

Each year, the conditions change, but our mission remains: to allow the underground forces to change into energy.

To do this, we seek the vitality of the soil by encouraging a flora and fauna that mobilize the trace elements and allow the symbiosis of the plant and the soil.

This work, which means respecting the natural element, aims to keep the organic integrity of the terroir and to express its potential in each vintage.

Why the Astrolabe ?

The Astrolabe is an ancient instrument that allowed navigators to find their way by following the stars.

This logo -present on our labels- symbolizes the influence of the stars in the biodynamic actions of our cultivation practices, marked among others by the sidereal rhythms.

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