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Domaine Alain Caïlbourdin, appellation Pouilly-Fumé

Vintner: Alain Caïlbourdin

Terra Vitis

The property, created by Alain Cailbourdin in 1980, today gathers 20 hectares of vines scattered among the best hillsides of Pouilly-Fumé. This vineyard is made up half of old vines (40 to 70 years old), and half of vines replanted since 1980.

The different slopes are vinified separately and allow us to present four cuvées, each representing a terroir and a distinct aromatic expression.The search for quality is our constant concern: it insinuates itself into the smallest details throughout the production chain, from the vine to the cellar. 
Our common thread is to highlight the quality and diversity of our terroirs. Our working methods, described in the following pages are based on this desire.

A wine can only be great if it has the minerality of a quality terroir as its support. The art of the winemaker's craft is to give the grapes every chance to reveal these qualities.

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