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Château de la Selve, appellation Coteaux de l'Ardèche

Winegrowers: Florence & Benoît Chazallon

biodynamics   organic wine  

The castle

Château de la Selve was originally a stronghold on the borders of the Empire and then the Kingdom of France. It was later the hunting lodge of an illustrious family from Vivarais, the Dukes of Joyeuse, before becoming a farm over the centuries.

It dates from the 13th century and its architecture is typical of the fortified houses and castles of the Bas-Vivarais region. Located on the banks of the Chassezac, the main tributary of the Ardèche, it enjoys an exceptional, protected environment. In 1990, this beautiful residence became the property of Benoît's parents. The castle became a family and tourist destination.

Benoît and Florence, the winemakers

In 2002, Benoît, who had just graduated from the Beaune wine school, realized his dream: to establish this wine estate in southern Ardeche, where he was sure that the terroir had great potential: the scorching sun and cool nights, the wild landscapes, the limestone soils smelling of garrigue, humus and truffles...!

Benoît and his wife Florence practice organic and biodynamic viticulture, preserving the environment and expressing the terroir. They are constantly searching for ever more vibrant soils in the vineyard and ever purer wines in the cellar.

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