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Domaine Saint-Amant, area Côtes-de-Rhône

Vintner: Camille Nosworthy

Camille Nosworthy manages the Domaine Saint Amant created by her father in 1990 on the mountain of the same name. An architect by trade, Camille has been affected by the wine virus since 1997.

We believe that the terroir gives the wine its flavours and its character.
In the heart of the Dentelles de Montmirail (Southern Rhône Valley) high up at 1800′, Domaine Saint Amant enjoys a unique combination of soil, exposure and climatic conditions : 32 acres of small terraces scattered around the mountain, on a Triassic limestone, marl and rocky soil, facing east and south, away from the diseases and the heat of the plain.

Grape cultivation is done within respect of the very biodiverse environment : no herbicides, no pesticides.
Pruning is carried out to leave desired bud numbers, ensuring moderate yields.
Canopy management, regulating vine growth and erosion, weed control, maintaining soil fertility, stability and waterholding capacity, and finally harvesting is accomplished by a hardworking, environment conscious, sensible, and motivated team.

In the winery the process is gentle and precise, preferring time to fine the wines rather than technology; no winemaking manipulations, no outside influences.
The wines reflect what nature is willing to give.

The cellar built in 1995 underground to protect a spectacular environment enjoys a stunning view. It is air-conditioned and gravity fed.

The Jacques Wallut family, owner and winemaker, produces 55 000 bottles a year.





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